“i don’t feel like i m in the right world, the right time the right place. there’s somewhere else i’m supposed to be at at the moment. something else i’m supposed to be doing. but i can’t seem to grasp what that thing is.”
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(via psych-facts)


#Dear #God ,
I’m #trusting You.
I #know You
#heard my #prayer .
#Your #time , not #mine . <3

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“I can feel you slipping away, falling from the holes and cracks of my mistakes.”
— Jon Mclaughlin


“There’s a special place in my heart for the ones who were with me at my lowest and still loved me when I wasn’t very loveable.”
— Yasmin Mogahed (via psych-facts)

(via psych-facts)


The greatest thing that I can give to someone is my writings. You know, my poems, my realizations and thoughts. I believe that above all things, this is the purest of what I can give. Don’t get me wrong, things. I said, things.

I grew up learning that life is hard. I mean, you can’t just have everything you need. You need to work hard for it. That’s why I always try to conserve my money and don’t buy things that I don’t really need. We’re not rich. I can’t even buy my own branded shoes or things for myself. That’s why though I give people gifts on their birthdays, I always include a letter. Thoughts are above all things. And to think about someone is one of the nicest expression of love. You give time to think about them, spend hours thinking about their habits and all about them. Those hours, you can never get back. And those hours are part of you and will be a part of your story. And that means your writing is a piece of your life.

New Friend Part 3

We talked about our favorite songs again. The genre thatbwe both like.
This friend is so random that she even type a ‘jshxbskska’ on the keyboard once. Gahaha. She’s not afraid of what people might say. A friend like this, who’s transparent in every way and true to what she feels is rare. XD
I mean, when she told me that the songs she listens to are close to her heart, I was shocked. Because only few people admit that. And since she told me never to tell anyone about the song, though the songs are nice, I won’t post them here.
Its just good to have this kind of cnversations sometimes. When you can be yourself and tell her your bloopers. Thats real friendship to me. :))


Its kinda difficult to get my attention. But when I give it, I give all. I notice everything. Every little detail.

Today, (not boasting about it.) two girls showed interest to me. Of course, I like it. I feel handsome or something when they do that. But that is not my concern.

Though this is not new to me, I wondered why girls today easily give hints that they like someone? You know, it shouldn’t be. They should make us men, to crawl in difficulty of pursuing them (just exaggerating). They should know their value as women. You know, not stare us in the eye for long periods of time or do something very dumb like meeting someone you don’t even know. What if this person is a rapist or some sort?

Its just, this shouldn’t be. We, men, should know how valuable you are to God and knowing this, women should change their standards. —Heighten their standards too.

I like it. When girls tell me that they like me or affirm something in me. But I don’t like it too in a sense that maybe they’re doing it in a wrong way.

“Your salvation showcases God’s mercy. It makes nothing of your effort but everything of HIS.”
  • Why, my soul, are you downcast? Why so disturbed within me? Put your hope in God, for I will yet praise him, my Savior and my God.


Anonymous asked:

I can see you are spiritually healthy, and I hope that you can also help your friends find their way back to God. Even if they don't ask for your help, I hope that you can encourage them to go to the center or at least be there for them always. Please. :(


I will. Thank you for reminding me. Please remind me when I forget. Thank you.

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Stolen shot - This was three weeks ago during the Extravagant Worship Celebration. :)
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